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No matter your business, your intellectual property needs protections. We register trademarks, assist with licenses, and guide you through protecting your company’s IP practically and safely.



VAT excl. T&C’s apply

Agency Agreement
R5 750.00
Band Member Agreement
R7 450.00
Collaboration Agreement
R6 450.00
Dispute advice
From R1 550.00
Distribution Agreement
R9 000.00
Gallery Agreement
R7 950.00
Influencer Agreement
R6 450.00
IP Assignment Agreement
R3 850.00
Legal Consultation
R1 550.00
Letter of Demand
R5 700.00
License Agreement
R7 400.00
Model/Actor Release
R5 700.00
Music Use Licensing (DJs)
R8 950.00
Music Use Licensing (Venues)
R6 950.00
Non-Disclosure Agreement
R3 050.00
Photographic Release
R4 900.00
Production Agreement
R6 900.00
Record Label Agreement
R7 400.00
Release form
R5 700.00
Royalty Split Agreement
R3 900.00
Usage Agreement
R7 400.00

A new way of doing law

We do law differently. We’re bringing law to businesses in a way that works for you: easy, accessible, and affordable. We recognise that there is a new way that businesses operate, and that requires a new approach to delivering legal services. We are a customer-centric service provider, focused on delivering services the way you want to receive them. What does this mean practically? We aim to not just solve a single legal need, but instead manage a range of legal risks in an affordable way by leveraging tech solutions such as contract lifecycle management, fast turnaround times, digital signatures, signatory management, obligation management and clear workflows.

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Questions for an IP lawyer

What is Legalese?

Just to be clear, while Legalese is run by lawyers, it is not a law firm. Legalese is a creative legal agency designed specifically to service the creative and small business sector. By not registering as a law firm, Legalese is able to steer clear of the regulations and requirements of traditional law firms as well as many of the expenses involved.

The advantage of this is that it keeps our costs down – which in turn keeps our fees down. Moreover, it means that we can direct our full attention to offering only those legal services which creative businesses and startups need. In this way, Legalese is no different to any other creative business. We are trained lawyers who noticed a way to innovate legal services by making them accessible, creative and cheaper. So while we don’t have the word ‘incorporated’ on our company name, we do have competent legal minds with experience in the creative industry and running start-ups. Just as you do your business differently, so do we.

What is IP law?

Intellectual Property (IP) law encompasses legal protections for creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images used in commerce. It includes patents for inventions, trademarks for brand recognition, copyrights for protectable works, and trade secrets to protect confidential business information. The aim is to encourage innovation and creativity by granting exclusive rights to creators and inventors for a specified period. Legal frameworks vary globally, and enforcement involves legal actions to safeguard these intangible assets.

Why do I need an IP lawyer?

Engaging an Intellectual Property (IP) lawyer is crucial to safeguard your intellectual assets and navigate the complex legal landscape. An IP lawyer can:

1. **Asset Protection:** Ensure your inventions, creative works, and brand identifiers are legally protected through patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

2. **Legal Compliance:** Help you understand and comply with IP laws, preventing unintentional infringement and legal disputes.

3. **Registration Process:** Assist in the filing and registration processes for patents, trademarks, and copyrights, ensuring proper documentation and adherence to timelines.

4. **Enforcement:** Take legal action against infringers to protect your IP rights, including issuing cease-and-desist letters or pursuing litigation if necessary.

5. **Contracts and Licensing:** Draft and review contracts related to IP, such as licensing agreements, to define terms and conditions for the use of your intellectual property.

6. **Due Diligence:** Conduct thorough searches to assess the availability of trademarks and to identify potential conflicts before registration.

In the dynamic world of intellectual property, having a skilled IP lawyer is an invaluable asset to ensure your creations are legally protected and your business interests are secure.

How experienced are your team?

Legalese boasts a highly seasoned team with extensive expertise in diverse legal domains. Everyone is an admitted attorney and we all hail from well-known and reputable medium to large-size firms.

Is Legalese for startups or large corporates?

No matter your business size or needs, we can offer you practical legal advice, tools, and guidance. We offer user-friendly legal products and packages designed specifically for businesses at any stage of their growth journey.

Why do businesses need lawyers?

If you’re running a fly-by-night business or a project in your spare time, then you don’t want to waste your money on legal fees. However if you have a vision, if you are putting your money on the line and are taking your work seriously, then ensuring your legal affairs are in order is imperative.

The correct entity might need to be registered for your intended business or your business might require a specific license to operate. The rights and responsibilities of shareholders, co-founders, or partners should be expressly agreed upon in writing to avoid unnecessary conflict in the future. If you participate in creating intellectual property then it is vital that your ownership is protected. You may offer a great service with genuine intentions but do you understand what happens if things go wrong? Formalising your legal affairs is an investment in your business which seperates the hipsters from the professionals. Much the same as investing in marketing can yeild signigicant returns, so can investing in legal services.

Why not just use any lawyers?

Traditionally, lawyers are expensive, intimidating and litigious. They charge per minute, have a financial interest in taking your matter to court and while they understand the law and look great in a three-piece suit, for the most part, they do not understand you or your industry.

Lawyers do not have the reputation of being approachable. You, as a business owner in the creative or tech industry, probably aren’t too keen to approach the first attorney you happened to Google, for an unknown amount of money, to draw up contracts that you don’t even know you want or need. Legalese is different from traditional law firms. We are not a law firm, we a creative legal agency. Our approach to law comes from years of experience in the South African creative sector and a background in operating start-ups. You will not have to explain how a tech rider works or why it is important to keep overheads lean during the winter seasons. We speak the language of creativity as well as the legalese of the law.

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