The Constitutional Court’s 2018 decriminalisation of the private cultivation, possession and consumption of cannabis has chipped away at much of the social and therefore commercial stigma associated with cannabis and the multi-billion rand industry it has the potential to create for the South African economy.

However, this breadth of opportunity, in a largely unregulated space, reflects the various and at-times awkward legal systems presently facing the many promising businesses that seek to enter and prosper in the industry.

Legalese provides clear and detailed advice concerning the lawfulness of its clients’ cannabusiness model – whether within or outside of the medicinal space – as well as the licenses, registrations and other relevant compliance requirements applicable to it. We also advise and assist clients through appropriate licensing and ongoing compliance processes with regulators.

Essentially, we are here to assist our clients to gear up for the industry’s imminent boom. Certain cannabusiness models may not be lawful and feasible right now. But there are ways to strategically and commercially prepare a brand and business for when it is.

Our in-depth understanding of the appropriate legal frameworks, alongside our positioning in the sector, empowers us to develop our clients’ presence and vision for themselves as leaders within the industry.

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Legal advice

Legal research and advice regarding Cannabis and Cannabusiness



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