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Debugging your code is tough, but navigating legal jargon? That’s a whole new level of complexity! Legalese is on a mission to squash bugs in your contracts and write code that complies with all the ‘laws of syntax.’ Don’t worry, we speak your language – both in code and legalese!



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Client Terms
R6 950.00
Company Registration – Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd)
R3 500.00
Data Handling Policy (POPIA Handbook)
R8 500.00
Employment Contract
R6 400.00
Independent Contractor Agreement
R6 200.00
Internal POPI Compliance Assistance
R15 550.00
Legal Consultation
R1 550.00
Online Compliance Bundle – Website terms and conditions, and a Privacy Policy
R12 000.00
PAIA Manual
R3 950.00
Privacy Impact Assessment
R4 150.00
Privacy Policy (POPI)
R5 700.00
Service Level Agreement (Standard)
R7 750.00
Shareholders Agreement (Simple)
R9 000.00
Software Developers
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Contracts & Agreements
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This blog is brought to you by the Legalese Guest Blogger Program, where we give young up-and-comer lawyers the opportunity to write for us and put their legal minds to work.

Ecommerce & Online Platforms
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