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Client Terms
R6 950.00
Company Registration – Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd)
R3 500.00
Employment Contract
R6 400.00
Legal Consultation
R1 550.00
Online Compliance Bundle – Website terms and conditions, and a Privacy Policy
R12 000.00
Service Level Agreement (Standard)
R7 750.00
Shareholders Agreement (Simple)
R9 000.00

Your online platform is either up and running, or you’re about to launch a new online service offering when suddenly, you realise that your online platform is governed by many laws which you may know nothing about. If you’re a retailer, SaaS, or Marketplace you need to know that compliance is no laughing matter, but it’s also not exactly the kind of excitement which gets you out of bed in the morning.

That is, unless you’re a data protection and compliance lawyer at Legalese. At Legalese, our many years of experience in the field of data compliance, privacy law, online and e-commerce regulation means that we’re able to offer comprehensive, full-spectrum legal support to anyone running an e-commerce platform or website in South Africa.

Data protection and privacy policy consulting

We will hold your hand through the entire development, launch and operational stages of your online platform, to help you understand what laws apply to the services you provide online, regardless of whether it’s a marketplace, direct retailer or any other format of online operation. We can draft the website policies and terms you will need to develop, launch and run lawfully in South Africa.

Where necessary, we can also engage regulators on your behalf to gain a better understanding of new and developing areas of the law that your platform may be operating in. We will ensure that your platform is legal from inception to operation, with legal assistance offered all the way along your journey.

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