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You may go by the term ‘freelancer’, but if you make your living from your creative talent, you’re a creative entrepreneur. What we know is that even creatives deserve good legal help, in a way that makes sense and prices you can afford. At Legalese we speak the language of creativity and law. Come chat.



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VAT excl. T&C’s apply

Agency Agreement
R5 750.00
Client Terms
R6 950.00
Collaboration Agreement
R6 450.00
Commission Agreement
R6 550.00
Company Registration – Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd)
R3 500.00
Employment Contract
R6 400.00
Gallery Agreement
R7 950.00
Independent contractor agreement
R6 200.00
Influencer Agreement
R6 450.00
Legal Consultation
R1 550.00
IP Assignment Agreement
R3 850.00
License Agreement
R7 400.00
Online Compliance Bundle – Website terms and conditions, and a Privacy Policy
R12 000.00
Photographic Release
R4 900.00
Service Level Agreement (Standard)
R7 750.00
Creative Entrepreneurs
What’s it like to run a business through a pandemic?

As published in Daily Maverick (DM168) – July 2021 Firstly, it’s frustrating. It’s often two steps forward and one step back – or sometimes even worse and its vice versa.

Creative Entrepreneurs
Funny how the law protects even creations of our minds

This blog is brought to you by the Legalese Guest Blogger Program, where we give young up-and-comer lawyers the opportunity to write for us and put their legal minds to work.

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What Does The Law Say About Operating Amidst Lockdown Regulations

As we all grapple with ‘business unusual’, it’s important to remember that our chief objective should be to keep everyone as safe and as healthy as possible. So, what does

Creative & Advertising Agencies
How To Navigate The Corona Legal Landscape As A Creative

Legalese founder, Eitan Stern, joined Between 10 and 5 to chat about the legal ins and outs for creatives during the COVID-19 global crisis. Watch the full stream below. 📖 https://facebook.com/creativelegalsolutions/posts/3293597417331161?__tn__=-R

Creative Entrepreneurs
Make Money, Get Paid: A Freelancer’s Guide to Collecting the Dough

As a freelancer, you run your own business. Proper management of your cash flow is imperative for survival and success. If a few clients fail to pay you on time,

Creative Entrepreneurs
Freelancers and tax: eight things you need to consider

Freelancers have it tough. You are out there on your own in a tax environment that is probably more complex than you imagined it ever would be. For the regular

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