Join the team

Just like our clients and legal work are innovative and interesting, so are our team of lawyers. At Legalese we’re on a mission to do things differently and we’re building a team of lawyers who want to do the same.

Hey there!

We’re stoked that you found your way here. It probably means you’re an exciting young professional who is tired of traditional legal practice and is looking for a new, fresh approach to legal work and the industry on a whole. As with most things, we do recruitment a little bit differently. We try to avoid hiring people through an advert and an interview. After all, how well can we get to know you, and you us, in a few brief chats? It doesn’t seem fair on either of us to make such a big decision, knowing so little.

Instead, we have an open application process. This means that you can apply at any time and if we think you’re a good match, we’ll stay in touch through various platforms so we can build a relationship until a position opens. Then, if you’re available, we’ll welcome you to the next steps.

A little about us

Legalese is not a law firm. We are a creative legal agency which has redesigned legal services to suit the creative industry, music industry, tech companies and startups. We celebrate invention above convention, ideas above amenability. This isn’t just lip service – everything from our approach to clients and the law, to our office and our working environment reflects this. Our team is dedicated to this vision. We think creatively and may act unconventionally while still maintaining extreme professionalism and excellence. We have a fun time, keep a sustainable work-life balance and wear comfortable shoes while doing it.

But is it meant to be?

To answer this, you and I both need to know a few things about each other. From your side, there’s a form at the bottom of this page. Submit it to us and consider your part mostly done. If we get in touch via other media, that’s us opening the door to further communication, so if you have any further questions and Legalese, that would be your chance.

Hear from our team

From our side, we asked our current team to take a pause from drafting and chat to the camera about what it means to be a part of Legalese. Have a watch – that’s a good starting point. Then, have a read through our values document here. We live and breathe these, so if they don’t deeply resonate with you, we might not be for each other. That’s pretty much it. Simple and stress-free, right? Kinda like Legalese!