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Entertainment lawyers are a rare breed and we’re not your average lawyers. We assist creatives in every facet of the entertainment industry from break-out musicians to full feature films – our team are here to roll up their sleeves and get to work.



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VAT excl. T&C’s apply

Agency Agreement
R5 750.00
Client Terms
R6 950.00
Collaboration Agreement
R6 450.00
Commission Agreement
R6 550.00
Company Registration – Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd)
R3 500.00
Employment Contract
R6 400.00
Influencer Agreement
R6 450.00
Legal Consultation
R1 550.00
License Agreement
R7 400.00
Model/Actor Release
R5 700.00
Non-Disclosure Agreement
R3 050.00
Online Compliance Bundle – Website terms and conditions, and a Privacy Policy
R12 000.00
Release form
R5 700.00
Royalty Split Agreement
R3 900.00
Service Level Agreement (Standard)
R7 750.00
Shareholders Agreement (Simple)
R9 000.00

Over the past few decades, the South African creative sector has grown into a thriving industry where musicians, artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers have turned their talents into professions. This progression did not happen by chance – it’s come about as a result of serious artists investing time and effort into the business behind their art, as well as into the art itself.

Legalese offers a spectrum of legal services to musicians, creatives and creative agencies, management agencies, record labels, and anyone else dealing with artistic performance, intellectual property, or advertising. Whether you need contracts drafted, guidance on publishing deals, or just a chat over coffee to bounce around an idea, we strip away the incomprehensible legalese and talk to you in a language you can understand, at a price that you can afford. This innovative approach has allowed us to grow into one of the leading entertainment law firms in South Africa.

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