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Listen to Stephan Viollier’s Tips on How to Trade Mark Your Brand Name


Our Intellectual Property lawyer Stephan Viollier joined Africa Business Radio for a segment highlighting the best ways to protect your brand.

‘A simple word or image can trigger a host of sounds, emotions, memories and meanings. What comes to mind when you think of Apple, Glastonbury, Netflix, Nike, PlayStation, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Harley-Davidson, GoPro or Ray-Ban? Each word communicates different images, feelings and stories, through a simple visual cue.’

‘A brand is essentially a name, logo, or slogan that differentiates you, your services or your products from others and is often the most valuable asset of a business. The GOOGLE and APPLE brands are each estimated to be worth more than $100 billion. COKE is the second most well-known word in the world after “hello”.’

Listen to the full segment below:

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