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Legalese x AlphaCode

Legalese lawyer Thomas Reisenberger sitting behind laptop in workspace

It was a case of a perfect fit when Legalese joined Gauteng’s premier fintech incubator, RMI’s AlphaCode, in the heart of Sandton, as its legal partner in mid-2017. Legalese’s specialisation in online and consumer products law constantly assists Alphacode’s prodigal members, where it provides all of the legal services needed by Alphacode’s innovative members; from giving guidance on online IP protection, to drafting T&Cs for a wide range of member online platforms and apps. It seems only appropriate that South Africa’s foremost incubator makes use of Legalese, as South Africa’s most innovative and creative legal advisory service.

Especially in the burgeoning fields of financial services and InsureTech, Legalese’s expertise and insight into such dynamic law in South Africa has assisted AlphaCode’s members navigate and thrive, whilst feeling assured that Legalese’s practitioners have their legal back.

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