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Introducing: Start-Up Compliance and Regulation


You’re sitting on the Next Big Thing. It’s good – Uber for dogs, AirBnB for husbands, Slack for God or PayPal for hugs. You’ve got an idea up your sleeve, you’re developing a product for manufacture or you’re seeking investment opportunities on a project. But, you’ve got one big question that keeps you up and night and won’t go away – Is It Legal?

Keeping your operation above board betters efficiency, improves reputational reliability, keeps unpredictable regulators at bay and increases investment potential. With our bridging knowledge of both the technology and the law, Legalese sits in a unique position to assist you in three specialised areas:

1. Regulation Landscapes

If you’re an international company looking to start operations in South Africa, or a local enterprise seeking to enter a new field or ensure you’re compliant with your industry’s current red tape, your operations need to be lawful. Businesses often fail to appreciate how many laws have an effect on their operations, and subsequently, they fail to be compliant until it’s too late.  

2. Data, POPI, Privacy and Policies

Data is becoming increasingly important in every sphere of modern life; particularly in the running of businesses of any size, shape and form. However, its far-reaching influence and wide-spread importance means that in turn, it is fast becoming regulated. With the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) regulating data use, and protection expected to come into full effect in the coming future, the Act’s compliance imperatives are due to kick in, affecting your business’ operations in various ways. Whether you want to trade in data, record patient details, transact with a customer online or implement a fair work-surveillance program, your operation has a vested interest in data and its potential. You need to know that your endeavour is lawful, and what obligations and duties are triggered by various compliance regimes.

3. Websites and Apps

Launching a website, application or e-commerce platform in South Africa comes with a host of different laws and regulations. Clear policies and terms and conditions are not just utilised by these platforms for their own protection – a range of statutory obligations exist pertaining to online services for the protection of customers and the benefit of regulatory bodies and industry watchdogs. Legalities aside, online compliance for your website or app reassures users and offers certainty and protection in the midst of the internet jungle.

With our understanding of cutting-edge technologies and grasp of the most recent local and international law, Legalese can partner with you to ensure your business is compliant with your industry’s applicable legislation, rules and regulations and your interactions with online processing, data and personal information are efficient, compliant and safe. We’ll tailor any of our products to assist your particular needs at any stage of your operation, no matter your size or sector. We aim to partner with you from the get-go, providing information and implementation guidance whatever your stage of development in order to avoid difficulties, liability and costs later on. After all, prevention is far better (and cheaper) than a cure!

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