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Our Joburg Office Is Decentralised

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In Cape Town, we’re fortunate to have set up shop with our full team in a beautiful office in the foothills of Signal Hill. However, our Joburg office has a smaller team, headed up by regulations and compliance expert Thomas Reisenberger. With a smaller team comes more flexibility and the opportunity to create exactly the kind of working environment that will suit us. We don’t own a building with a rooftop bar, gym and cafeteria. In fact, we don’t even rent a space full time. We’ve based our Joburg office out of – well, anywhere. These days, we spend a lot of our time at AlphaCode in Sandton, as well as Jozihub in Milpark, our client’s offices – and if we want, a beach in Bali. Here’s a little explanation of why.

Virtual Office
It’s 2018. Most of our work is done via a screen, keyboard or a cellphone. While we still remember how to use a pen, almost all of our work is app-based, cloud-based, or communicated without paper. So, there’s little need for fax machines, filing cabinets or doormen. When we do need physical space, records or meetings rooms, we’re sorted. But, we’ve streamlined our needs so that we’re greener, safer and backed up.

Lower Overheads
Sure, we don’t have an Irma Stern hanging in our reception. But, have you ever considered who pays for the champagne breakfasts and steak dinners? You do, the client. But cutting back on our frills and schmoozing, and not having large, burdensome rent bills to pay, we make sure that our services are more affordable for our clients. But don’t worry – when you shake on that deal, we’ll be celebrating in full force with you.

Part of the Ecosystem
At Legalese, we’re proud to know what you’re talking about, which is why we like to be in the thick of things. We’ve been lucky enough to establish ourselves in spaces which host some of the most interesting and interested creative and entrepreneurs in the city. We’re surrounded by great conversations, exciting brainstorms, and cutting-edge developments so that we can keep up with what’s happening in the creative, tech and startup cultures before they’ve gone mainstream.

By not locking ourselves down to corporate office space, we can move, quickly. Legalese has partnered up with various workspaces in the city so that we adjust to what we need for the day, or week. If we need to teach a masterclass – no problem. Spend an all-nighter with a guaranteed supply of quality coffee? Full team or lone soldier? Sorted. By having a variety of spaces that suit our different needs, we can adjust to the different kinds of work we’re doing at the time.

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