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It’s a new year and with that comes new possibilities and new responsibilities. One which no one likes to think about – death & taxes. We’re here as your friendly lawyers to let you know you that you need to be prepared for both unfortunate events. Specifically, we want to remind you, that you (yes, you!) need a Will.

Why is having a valid Will important? When you die, your estate (your property, assets and sentimental items) will be distributed. These items can either be left to the State to decide who gets them, or they can be shared amongst your loved ones as per your wishes. 

If you want the latter to happen, you need a Will, and this is where we can help with our new and unique offering from Legalese.

How do we differ from the existing Will services out there?

Online templated Wills do not give you the attention that your estate deserves. They are often poorly drafted, overly rigid and can omit those clauses which are important to you and your family. Is your dying wish really the time to save a few bucks?

Financial Institutions and other legal practices can be cheaper and are a great option for many. But their model relies on being appointed as the executor or administrator of your estate – a task with a decent-sized fee later on. 

Our aim with this offering is to offer an alternative where we draft your Will according to your wishes, based on your exact situation and allow you to appoint the right person or institution as your executor or administrator. We walk you through the whole process and explain things in detail so you can feel safe and secure knowing your Will is sorted for yourself and your family.

What can we offer you?



We will send you a questionnaire to assess the complexity of your Will. The questionnaire will focus on specific questions regarding your estate for you to complete and send back to us to get the drafting process going.



We will meet with you for 30 minutes to walk you through your Will and answer any questions and/or concerns that you may have regarding your Will.



We will draft your Will for you in line with your instructions and send it to you for review and thereafter, we will finalize the Will for you.


Signature and Finalisation

Upon finalisation of your Will, we will send your Will to you with specific instructions on how and when your Will must be signed.

Price list



Last Will and Testament (Drafting the Will in line with the clients bequests, inclusive of one 30 minute consultation and one round of review)

R 2,500

size dependent

excl. VAT