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Like the old saying; nothing in life is certain, but death and taxes. Whether you’re starting off as a freelancer or structuring your expansion into new foreign markets, there is one thing which your business can’t escape – taxes. Unfortunately, when it comes to the receiver of revenue, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance can in fact lead to unintended liabilities, penalties and interest. On the other hand, tax awareness helps you plan your finances effectively and legally.

Tax is an ever-evolving part of our law. Whether you’re a creative earning ad-hoc income, building a growing business with monthly tax commitments or a jetsetter scaling up – its important to structure your tax correctly and be aware of the implications on your cash flow, intellectual property assignment or commercial structuring.

Legalese can provide a wide range of services; from tax registration, tax advice for non-resident taxes, tax-compliance for members of the gig-economy, VAT opinions and more. We can comfortably guide you through the minefield of tax with our wealth our knowledge and expertise in the field, so you can sleep comfortably knowing you’re efficient and compliant.

What can we offer you?



  • Initial start-up tax advice
  • VAT registration
  • Income structuring advice
  • Small Business Corporation tax advice
  • Advice on allowable deductions
  • Contract structuring advice
  • Offshore company tax advice
  • Employee tax obligations



  • Structuring advice
  • Turnover tax advice
  • Tax deduction advice and your obligation to submit tax returns
  • Your VAT obligations
  • Fee Structuring
  • International tax advice



  • Advice on tax implications of licensing or assigning your IP offshore
  • Exchange control advice
  • Royalty withholding tax advice



  • Tax directives
  • Tax opinions
  • Non-resident taxes
  • Foreign employment income and tax
  • Tax disputes
  • Compromises with SARS

Price list



Tax consultation for freelancers

R 950 p/h

Tax structuring advice

R 950 p/h

Non-resident tax advice

R 1,200 p/h

Tax advice on cross-border transactions

R 1,200 p/h

Tax directives- S35A

R 7,500

Tax directives - commission income

R 1,200

Customs & excise tax advice

R 1,200 p/h

Lodging dispute with SARS

R 2,500

VAT opinion

R 1,200 p/h

Tax clearance certificate

R 2,000

PBO tax exemption application

R 9,500

S18A donor deduction application

R 6,500

General tax advice

R 950 p/h

Liaising with SARS on your behalf

R 950 p/h

Application for compromise of a tax debt with SARS

R 6,500

size dependent

Review of agreements - tax implications

R 950 p/h

Salary structuring

R 950 p/h

excl. VAT

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