Eitan Stern

Legalese's founder and director, Eitan is a practising attorney with a background in commercial and entertainment law and tech entrepreneurship. Eitan has worked with sectors across the board, from creative, advertising and media, to educational, non-profit and technology industries. He's an established public speaker, lecturer, mediator, negotiator and DJ.

Reneesha Davidson

Reneesha is an admitted attorney specialising in commercial law, with a background in litigation. She works with creative businesses and start-ups, to assist them to manage commercial relationships, reduce risk, solve organisational problems and prophylactically avoid disputes. Reneesha has an eye for detail, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the bigger picture, turning grand ideas into business methodologies.

Stephan Viollier

Steph is a practising attorney licensed in South Africa and New York with a background in media and commerce. He specialises in intellectual property law, including trade marks; open source licensing; advertising law; counterfeit goods; domain name disputes and IP-related commercial agreements. Steph focuses on tech trends, with a fascination with data science, blockchain and crypto developments.

Catherine Marcus

Legalese's paralegal and brand manager, Catherine has a background in the media and music industry and experience running small businesses. She focuses on music and tech trends, legal research and drafting, royalty administration and legal applications, registrations and licensing.

Phillip Kent

Phillip is an aviation law expert and commercial pilot, with over a decade of experience in the aviation industry as flight crew and airline director, and the author of South Africa's authoritative drone textbook. Phillip's unique combination of legal knowledge and practical experience enables him to deliver a specialized set of skills to the aviation industry.

Thomas Reisenberger

An admitted attorney with a global firm background, Thomas brings regulation and compliance expertise to Legalese, specialising in burgeoning industries utilising emerging data technologies and online systems. With his unique understanding of technology and the law combined with his bespoke, solutions-driven services, compliance becomes straightforward, understandable and relevant.

Simon Attwell

Simon has a background in the world of publishing and intellectual property disputes and experience mediating disputes in multiple areas of the entertainment industry, all kinds of commercial partnerships, family will and estate settlements and tech-related issues. He is an accredited Commercial Mediator through Conflict Dynamics South Africa and CEDR in the UK.

Louise Gardiner

Louise has 18 years of international experience in the corporate environment and 10 years working in and with small businesses and startups. She is an accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator through ACDS and the ADR Group (UK), and holds a MA in International Relations and an Advanced Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution through the AFSA.