Immigration Legal Services

The world is big and full of wonders, so why not go and explore? In the modern world with global businesses, gig-economies and remote work possibility, immigration or working abroad is not just possible but also accessible.

However, border controls and corporate and labour regulations (not to mention the implications of a global pandemic) means that if you’re going to come work in South Africa, you’re going to need a visa and some form of local corporate structuring or labour guidance.

For companies or individuals looking to immigrate, open a business or expand a foreign business into South Africa – Legalese is here to assist. Our team of commercial and labour lawyers, as well as our highly-rated immigration agents and partners can guide you smoothly through the process. From guidance on company incorporation, to safe and affordable cross-border transactions, to visas for employees and their families – we’re here to help.

What can we offer you?


Visa and work permits

  • Corporate visas
  • Intra-company visas
  • Critical Skills work Visas
  • General Work Visas
  • Visitors Visas
  • Accompanying Minor or Spouse Visas
  • Waivers, applications for special dispensations and petition process
  • Resolving issues with foreign embassies


Bank Accounts and foreign exchange solutions

  • Opening of South African bank accounts
  • Assistance with foreign exchange at favourable rates
  • Tax guidance on cross border transactions
  • South African Revenue Service Applications


Corporate structuring

  • South African company incorporation
  • Tax guidance
  • Non-profit structuring for global non-profits
  • Company procurement


Labour guidance

  • South African labour guidance
  • Recruitment
  • Employee remuneration structuring
  • Guidance on expatriate employees

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