Gig Economy Legal Service

You might have heard the words “gig economy” bandied about with increasing frequency in the past few years. It’s also incredibly likely that you have participated in the gig economy in some way or another, maybe even more recently than you think.

With the proliferation of companies like Uber, Etsy, Fiverr, and Airbnb, people out there are supplementing their incomes more and more by engaging in the gig economy ecosystem. A concerning aspect of this is that the relationships that people are setting up with other role players are not necessarily regulated by the gig economy company concerned.

“How are they regulated?!” you may be asking with tears in your eyes.

These relationships are most conveniently regulated contractually, and building sustainable contractual relationships just so happens to be Legalese’s speciality. Whether you’re a manufacturer of goods, a property owner, a delivery-person, or you want your company to be the “Uber of [insert your industry here]”, our highly-trained legal practitioners are ready to get you where you need to be in style. Our services are geared towards assisting you and your company in creating long-lasting, regulated relationships that have more behind them than a simple handshake.

What can we offer you?



  • Legal Roadmapping Session
  • Discussion regarding your company’s operations and the development of your business. We shall troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing and strategise the best way forward.
  • Review of internal and external agreements.



  • Management of Immovable Property Agreement
  • Management of Movable Property Agreement



  • Revenue Share Agreement
  • Co-ownership Agreement
  • Owner/Driver Agreement



  • Product Manufacture Agreement
  • Product Manufacture and Sale Agreement
  • Payment Terms and Back-of-Quote Terms
  • Product Reseller Agreement



  • Service Level Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Employment Agreements



  • Notes on Industry-Specific Regulations
  • Company Registration
  • Operating License Applications

Price list



Commercial Lease Agreement

R4 670.00

size dependent

Independent Contractor Agreement

R3 940.00

size dependent

Manufacturer Agreement (Product Reseller Agreement)

R5 710.00

size dependent

Service Level Agreement

R4 670.00

size dependent

Distribution Agreement

R5 710.00

size dependent

Manufacturer Agreement (Product Reseller and Manufacturer Agreement)

R5 710.00

size dependent

Royalty Split Agreement

R2 490.00

size dependent

Joint Venture Agreement Unincorporated

R4 410.00

size dependent

Terms and Condition of Sale (Payment Terms)

R4 150.00

size dependent

Legal Note: Industry Specific

Price subject to quote

Terms and Conditions of Sale (Back of Quote Terms)

R4 150.00

size dependent

excl. VAT