Drone Legal Compliance and Regulation

You’ve purchased a drone and are already getting Hollywood-worthy footage. But, you may have heard rumours that there are legal implications to operating a drone. Until now, no one has offered aviation legal expertise to the industry. That’s where we come in.

Non-compliance isn’t just a matter of whether or not the authorities will catch you out. Drone operators are already being required to produce operating certificates before being given access to venues and locations, prospective clients are becoming more aware of the ramifications of dealing with unlicensed operators and aviation regulators are starting to follow up on unlicensed operators that appear on their radar.

Should anything actually go wrong with your drone and someone or something is damaged, you’ll be responsible. Operating a drone without a license is just like driving without one. It’s a problem, and when something goes awry, you’re in real trouble.

Does drone regulation apply to me?

If you sell, resell, own, operate, or use the services of a machine that flies in our atmosphere, regardless of whether it is commercially, recreationally or anything in between, the law applies to you. There is, however, some wiggle-room, and so it is vital that any party involved with drones determines its status.

Who are we?

As a creative legal agency, Legalese has recognised the need for a tailored solution for legal assistance to the aviation industry. However, with budget considerations and a scarcity of legal experts in the industry, most drone operators do not have the option to approach a traditional law firm. With a client base of over 500 companies and a decade of experience in aviation and related regulations, Legalese delivers a complete service offering across all areas of aviation legal processes, applications and renewals.

What do we offer?



We can advise you on:

  • Applicability of aviation legislation to your intended or current operation
  • Requirements for compliance
  • Avoiding criminal prosecution and limiting civil liability



Once we have fully assessed your organisation’s or individual drone activities, we will provide you with a full compliance report.



If you elect to follow the responsible route of getting your drone activities compliant, we will:

  • Apply for certification from the Department of Transport (as applicable)
  • Apply for certification from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
  • Compile your standard operating procedures and manual library
  • Register and certify your drone with SACAA
  • Complete the numerous ancillary tasks associated with the process



Additionally, we offer:

  • Seller compliance labels
  • Flight school approvals
  • Post-approval legal assistance
  • ICASA type approval



Aviation regulation compliance review

Starting at R4 500.00

size dependent

Drone-specific utilisation advice

R3 000.00

*excl. VAT