Company Secretarial

Running a business isn’t easy. At any given time you have an endless list of things which need management. Staff, clients and tax are the obvious. The less obvious, but still important is your company administration.

While we’d hope that managing a company is a set and forget situation, unfortunately there are an array of internal compliance requirements associated with operating a private company (also known as a Pty Ltd) in South Africa. If this is news to you, then let us introduce you to company secretarial offering.

What we find is that when it comes to company administration, clarity and compliance are crucial. There are annual fees to pay, Companies Act requirements to understand and if you’re allocating equity to shareholders, that has to be recorded somewhere.

For us, this sort of admin is a breeze. Our team of lawyers utilise industry-disrupting technology to take this once burdensome part of running a company and make it as easy as spelling CIPC.

You got questions. Let’s try to answer a few. For anything else, just get in touch.

How do I know if I am compliant?

Well, did your company file an annual return last year? Has your share register been maintained? Has your board of Directors approved your annual financial statements? Do you have correct resolutions in place?

If you answered either ‘no’ or ‘I’m unsure’ to any of those, then there may be some work to do.

What does this mean for your company?

These are just a few of the many company secretarial requirements every registered company must comply with. Failure to do so, may put your company at risk and cost you money, time or opportunities.

What are the costs of being non-compliant?

Non-compliance can affect a company in many ways. The most obvious are penalty fees which your business can be charged for non-compliance. Worse though is the related time and expense in fixing compliance issues once they’ve already occurred. It’s must easier and cheaper to just plan ahead. Lastly though is that it can affect your actual business. If you’re looking to scale or take on investment, then compliance and accurate record keeping as a non-negotiable. No investors want to cook in a dirty kitchen. Let’s get things clean and clear so everyone knows their shareholding, obligations and rights.

Why is Legalese a good option?

Company secretarial services are as old as companies themselves. Traditionally this has been a very manual and analogue process involving spreadsheets, Word documents and a whole bunch of confusion. We’re on a mission to change that. Legalese manages your company admin through a tech-platform which gives you, as the business owner, clarity and security while giving your shareholders the access and information they need. Also this while keeping you compliant, ahead of due dates and in general hassle free. Sounds too good to be true, we know. But here we are.

What can we offer you?


Get your company 100% compliant

  • Never miss a deadline
  • Maintain your statutory registers
  • Submit compliance checklists (incl. reports)


Store your company records online

  • Import data directly from CIPC
  • Protect your personal information
  • Store and secure your company records


Focus on growing your business

Legalese is designed to give you peace of mind. Sign up today to ensure your compliance and secure your company records.

Price list



Company secretarial retainer, which includes the following services (excl. CIPC fees):

R 2,500/year

size dependent

Filing of annual returns


Annual maintenance and record keeping


Full statutory registers


CIPC disclosures


Name and address changes


Director/member appointments


Dedicated public officer


Rotation of auditors


Share allotments and transfers


Maintain share certificates


Ordinary and special resolutions


B-BBEE affidavits


Additional services also available include:

Company registrations


size dependent

CC to PTY conversions


size dependent

Company secretary appointments


size dependent

* All services are available individually

excl. VAT