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Introducing: Legalese Mediation Services


When we started Legalese over three years ago, our aim was to take a different approach to law. We understand that the law can be used to prevent problems and minimize conflict. However, conflicts do arise – whether it’s between software developers and entrepreneurs; record labels and artists; or business partners. Mediation is a tool to resolve conflicts swiftly and amicably, before resorting to formal litigation. This saves time, relationships, and money while empowering the disputing parties to negotiate mutually acceptable, realistic and legal settlements of their disputes.

We’re proud to launch a brand new department; Legalese Mediation. We offer a competitively-priced mediation service to provide an alternative to traditional dispute resolution mechanisms.

The mediation process utilises a trained mediator as a neutral third party to create a safe and controlled space for parties to resolve their matter. The meditator uses their skill to guide the parties through a dispute, with a focus on the underlying issues and relationships, rather than just legal rights and obligations.

The whole mediation process is strictly confidential and off-the-record. Mediation has been recognised increasingly as the first point of call for resolving disputes of all kinds, and is a growing industry both in South Africa and internationally.

We’ve welcomed Kudos director Louise Gardiner and Freeground Records and Freshlyground’s Simon Attwell to join our ranks as mediators. They’re acting independently, without involvement in any other client-related legal work. Both Louise and Simon bring years of experience and insight from corporate, startup and entertainment backgrounds, and between them are accredited for mediation through the African Centre for Dispute Settlement (ACDS), the ADR Group (UK), Conflict Dynamics South Africa, and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) (UK).

For more information on the product, costs and process, drop us a line on or download our full Service Offering.

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