Do you have privacy rights in your work computer?

Every Monday we chat to Nick Hamman on 5FM about a Burning Question. Check out our segment about the rights you have in your work devices: Content hosted by


Introducing: Start-Up Compliance and Regulation

You’re sitting on the Next Big Thing. It’s good – Uber for dogs, AirBnB for husbands, Slack for God or PayPal for hugs. You’ve got an idea up your sleeve, you’re developing a product for manufacture or you’re seeking investment opportunities on a project. But, you’ve got one big question that keeps you up and…


9 Tips From a Trade Mark Pro – Enhance and Protect Your Name or Brand

A simple word or image can trigger a host of sounds, emotions, memories and meanings. What comes to mind when you think of Apple, Glastonbury, Netflix, Nike, PlayStation, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Harley-Davidson, GoPro or Ray-Ban? Each word communicates different images, feelings and stories, through a simple visual cue. A brand is essentially a name, logo,…


Introducing: Independent Musicians Publishing Administration

Ever since Legalese opened its doors over two years ago, a large chunk of our client base has been musicians. You’re a big part of the reason we got into this business. The music industry is notoriously brutal, especially to young musos, independent artists and established acts that are doing it DIY. Which is why…


What are Indemnity Forms and How Do They Work?

Every Monday we chat to Nick Hamman on 5FM about a Burning Question. This week we chatted about what indemnity forms are and how they work. Check it out below: Content hosted by


What Actually Happened in the Marijuana Case?

Content hosted by On 31 March 2017, Davis J, with a full bench of three judges concurring, handed down judgment in the Western Cape High Court that marked an important development in the law relating to the use of cannabis. He established that the laws that prohibit the use of cannabis by adults in…


Burning Question on 5FM: What is my Intellectual Property and how can I Protect it?

Eitan spoke about Intellectual Property and Trade Marks and how to protect these, with Nick Hamman on 5fm, on Monday, 13 February 2017. Listen in here:


Burning Question on 5FM: Bad Landlords

Eitan talked about bad landlords with Nick Hamman on 5FM’s “Burning Question” on Monday, 6 February 2017. Check it out:


Burning Question on 5FM: What do you do if someone owes you money and won’t pay up?

Eitan discussed debt collection and what to do if a debtor doesn’t pay with Nick Hamman on 5FM’s “Burning Question” on Monday, 30 January 2017. You can listen in here:

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